Pärnu Rannastaadioni Hostel

Address: Ranna puiestee 2, Pärnu, 80012 Pärnu maakond
Phone: 525 3005
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The ultimate summer holiday destination in Estonia, Pärnu attracts holiday makers with its large sandy beach, numerous restaurants, cocktail bars, spas and a relaxed, laid back vibe.

This medieval city has an easygoing and romantic flair to it. Being largest restort in Estonia, Pärnu is also a home to a variety of spas from large water parks to more intimate and historical bath houses.

Long, white sandy beaches, shallow waters and “the best Sun in Estonia” attract Estonians and visiting guests alike. Beautiful beach promenade is ideal for walking, cycling and roller skating with playgrounds, water fountains and play areas offering days full of fun and joy for children.
If you are feeling adventurous, try water skiing, yachting or paddle a canoe or a kayak down the Pärnu river to the open sea and nearby islets.

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